[mythtv-users] Abandoned with Xbox?

David Barr david20708 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:19:04 UTC 2005

Are you using mythtv-xbox-0.4.5.beta and Xebian 1.1.0?  This is the
latest version of the scripts and it works well for me.

On 6/5/05, Evil Barney <evilbarney at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Guys for the suggestions.  I wish the ./install.pl -u worked
> the magic.  I get failed dependancies.  on libsound2 and liblame0.  it
> says its installing woody1, but myth needs the other two.  I tried an
> apt-get on those two packages, and it seems they are not there
> anymore.  any suggestions on how to get these dependancy issues taken
> care of?
> -EB

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