[mythtv-users] Slingbox?

Jack Trout witmore1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 03:35:35 UTC 2005

I was at work today and a rep came in to push a new product. SlingBox
thier Idea for this baby is, hook it up to your tv source (TiVo,
Digital cable box, analog cable, DirecTV,) then using ANY internet
ready device you can watch tv.

Thier demo, shows a wifi enabled PDA, and 2.5ghz cell phone.
supposedly the key to the codec is designed to slowly increase quality
til you get the maximum quality and most stable connection.

I personally have been playing with mythweb and mythstreamtv to try to
achieve something like this, but at the pricepoint my store is gonna
get one, 250$ hopefully less at cost, I am thinking of getting this
and seeing if I can get this to work to stream my mythtv stuff when I
am out and about, anyone else heard of this?

I have GMAIL Invites Mail me directly for one

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