[mythtv-users] Problem with scrambled channels

Mattia Martinello liste at mattiamartinello.com
Sun Jun 5 22:32:42 UTC 2005


I'm using MythTV 0.18.1 with an Hauppauge WinTV Nova CI dvb-s card, and 
I can watch digital sat channels.
The Italian national televisions (RAI and Mediaset) make its channels 
scrambled sometimes (when it hasn't European rights of a program), so I 
can't see them in any way with MythTV.
The problem is that when I select one of these channels, when it is 
scrambled MythTV freeze itself and I can't continue to change channel.
Mythfrontend freeze and after about a minute it closes itself.
The problem is more difficult when the scrambled channel is the starting 
channel in MythTV: when I start mythfrontend, it can't select a channel 
and it freeze without any way to use it.

How I can solve this great problem?
I wish MythTV not to freeze itself when it select a scrambled channel.

I repeate, these channels are not always scrambled, and I can't know 
when they will be scrambled. I know this only when I can't to tune them, 
so I can't remove them from the program list of MythTV.

Thank you very much in advance!

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