[mythtv-users] XvMC output not working

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 20:32:49 UTC 2005

Michael Haan wrote:

>As you know, I have the same issues on an AMD64 3800.  Not using XvMC
>(though I desperately want to) I can get HD to playback if I a) Enable
>extra audio buffering and b) stop/restart several times.
Well extra audio buffering is on already, i use it during working XvMC
anyhow.  For now my only solution is my restarting playback until XvMC
works for that session.  All I gotta say is thankgoodness I don't
experience Xid errors like mentioned on nvnews.  I'd have to restart X
all the time and thus have to restart playback over and over and over
agian until XvMC worked!

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