[mythtv-users] xperinet selling mythtv systems and violating the GPL?

Mike Myers mikesm559 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 19:07:48 UTC 2005

Folks, I just ran across a review of Xperinet's home
media server product in this month's sound and vision,
and from the screenshots it sure looked like MythTV. 
So I went to their website at www.xperinet.com, and
looked at their product line. 

As far as I can tell, it appears to be version of Myth
TV, focused on DVD and CD archiving.  There is no
mention of MythTV.  From the highly positive article
in  S&V, it looks like they are adding features like
bookmarks for chapters and other changes to Myth, but
I can't find any source code on their site.  Isn't
this a violation of the GPL?

At least they are being even handed though.  It looks
like they also have a Asterisk home PBX implementation
that also doesn't credit Asterisk or release any
source code for their PBX implementation.

Also, it's somewhat amusing, but most of their
products are named after nuclear delivery systems of
some sort.  They call their media server software MIRV
(Multiple Independent Replay Video server), when of
course the traditional meaning is Multiple
Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicle (ie multiple
warheads on an ICBM), and their server products are
called Polaris, Posideon, Trident (all sub launched
ICBMs), and Titan (a USAF ICBM that carried a 5
Megaton warhead) (The Titan is their BIG server).  

Does anyone know anything about these folks?  Don't
they have to release source code to be GPL compliant? 


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