[mythtv-users] Sharing recorded programs

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jun 5 18:35:07 UTC 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:

>How does someone using MythTV at one distant location best share a
>recorded program with another MythTV user at another location? If they
>burn the nuv file to a DVD and mail it and it be loaded onto the
>storage disk for MythTV at the second location and be visible in the
>database? These two locations do not have the same cable TV systems so
>channel numbers, etc., are completely different.
Myth wouldn't care if you lied about the channel information.  As long 
as you chose an appropriate channel such that recording rules/duplicate 
policy fits, everyone would be happy.

>Must someone use nuvexport to create mpg files?
No.  You just need to import the show--the same as if you're fixing a 
broken database.

>This may be a bit technical for some and would still amount
>to eventually burning a DVD.
Which is probably good because of all of the questions of legality 
involved with doing this (especially in the US).

>What would be cool would be some sort of reduced bandwidth
>streaming solution. Is there a simple way?
MythStreamTV can do this:  http://mythstreamtv.sourceforge.net/


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