[mythtv-users] Mythgame setup "docs" and some questions. LONG

hary wilke harywilke at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 16:53:30 UTC 2005

Thanks for looking over what i wrote. You cleared up a bunch of  
questions for me. I'll edit what i had and post a second version  
soon, and then if everything looks ok, i'll suggest incorporating  
them into the official docs. I still need to format it so it looks  
more consistent with the rest of the docs.

> So, if you're new to MAME, check out http://mameworld.net

great site thanks for the link

>> post XMAME install setup
> download and install gxmame. It's a good non-myth frontend and useful
> as well to  test xmame. gxmame is similar to the mame32 GUI for
> Windows.
> http://gxmame.sourceforge.net

I'll check it out. again thanks. perhaps i'll roll that into my how to.

>> mkdir ~/.xmame
>> cp docs/xmamerc.dist ~/.xmame/xmamerc
>> use your favorite editor to edit ~/.xmame/xmamerc
>> You need to set some paths in the ### Fileio Related ### section
>> rompath                 /mythtv/games/xmame/roms
>> snapshot_directory        .
>> cheat_file                /mythtv/games/xmame/cheat.dat
>> hiscore_file            /mythtv/games/xmame/hiscore.dat
>> history_file            /mythtv/games/xmame/history.dat
>> mameinfo_file            /mythtv/games/xmame/mameinfo.dat
> ... or use gxmame to configure these values and verify them afterwards
> by editing xmamerc
> Technically, the best way to do this is to use the default directories
> as defined at buildtime for xmame and then not hardcode the patch in
> either xmamerc or mythtv
>> now it is time to test XMAME before we attempt to get it running
>> inside MythTV
>> place your ROM in the roms directory you created earlier
> or the default directory

ok as for the directories, i was thinking about mythgame in a  
networked context. figuring a local copy of xmame to run on the  
frontend, and storing all the ROMs,artwork,etc. on a shared mount.

>> launch xmame with the classic game of choice, gauntlet for me!
>> xmame.x11 gauntlet
> NOTE: depending on how you compiled xmame, you could have an xmame.x11
> or xmame.SDL or xmame.xgl depending on what graphics toolkits are
> used. If you have some time, try them and see which one works best for
> you.
> I like to symlink xmame to whatever xmame binaries I'm using at the
> moment, and I like to version the xmame binaries when I update so that
> I can roll back to a working one if there is any problem or
> compatibility issue with mythtv.
> Sometimes, I notice that I need to remove and recreate xmamerc after
> upgrading xmame since default options change

good idea, i'll add a step for numbering the binaries and symlinking  
to xmame. i found i quickly got tired of xmame.x11 and just did a  
symlink to 'xmame' to save some typing. Your idea will help keep  
things organized also.

>> after OK'ing the ownership screen, the info screen and the caveats
>> screen. you can start playing.
> there are options to disable these that can be set in xmamerc
> NOTE also, "OK" can be entered as <left><right> as well

i didn't notice this option in xmamerc, but toggeling the checkbox in  
mythfrontend worked for skipping the nag screen.

thanks again

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