[mythtv-users] Palm video from mythtv nuv -> TCPMP

scunacc scunacc at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 15:46:59 UTC 2005

Dear folks,

The suggestion below was given to start projectx from the command line.

I java compiled the latest project X from source under Linux and tried
it (with no ini file since I didn't know what I should use for that), 

> > java -jar <compiled_projectX_file> -c
> > <projectX_ini_file> -n <output_stream_basename> -o
> > <dir_to_put_streams> <input_nuv_file>

... and I get:

? Filetype not supported!

as an error message re: the nuv input file.

Any thoughts? Do I need to preprocess the nuv file somehow? Is there a
special option to compile the projectX jar to include nuv support?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards

Derek Jones.

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