[mythtv-users] change .sub subtitle font size in Mythvideo?

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 05:19:12 UTC 2005

Does anyone here know how to change the font size for text subtitles
in video playback? I have a number of foreign language films encoded
in divx with subtitles in time-coded text as .sub and .srt files.

I can play these films fine, and the subtitles also play. But they are
really small. I looked through the mplayer documentation and have been
able to play around a bit with subtitle placement and synching, but
what I'd really like is to change the default font and size.

I seem to remeber setting the subtitle font at some point, but can't
remember where. I also fail to remember how I found the setting, since
I was most certainly working on something else at the time.

I'm running 0.18 on FC3. If anyone can point me to the proper config
file, or the proper mplayer option, I would greatly appreciate it.

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