[mythtv-users] Latest CVS backend crash HD playback

kedlm at charter.net kedlm at charter.net
Sun Jun 5 00:22:05 UTC 2005

I have CVS as of today.

I can still watch live 1920 (1900?) and 1280 HD streams off air.

But some 1280 recordings crash the backend when I try to select them in the playback screen.  All streams played back fine with 0.18.

On the backend, some 1280 says (in the watch recordings screen):
adding pes stream at pid 0x41 with type 2
adding pes stream at pid 0x44 with type 129

It never seems to say anything about "adding pes stream" for any of the working previews in the "Watch Recordings" screen.

Anybody else seeing this?  Any idea how to track it down?
They are off air Enterprise recordings if it matters.


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