[mythtv-users] Resize tv out

jonr jonr at destar.net
Sat Jun 4 19:25:12 UTC 2005

Devan Lippman wrote:
> I'm running my myth frontend on an nvidia geforce2 MX tv-output. Thing is it 
> doesn't fill the entire screen on my sony trinitron 32" tv. I tried using 
> xvidtune to stretch the image to the entire screen but it tells me that I've 
> requested an unsupported modeline when I try to test the settings. Is this 
> an issue with my configuration files or is there another tool I should be 
> using? Here's my xorg.conf file if it helps.

Hi Devan,

I used to have the same card and I used 'nvtv' to blow up my screen and 
had good results, you might give that a try.


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