[mythtv-users] black border issue Knoppmyth and EPIA(HushPC)-can't get rid of it...

Paul Bender pbender at qualcomm.com
Sat Jun 4 19:01:45 UTC 2005

Paul Fielding wrote:
> Found the answer by looking through:
> http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/xorg.conf.txt
> I needed:
>        Option      "TVVScan" "over"
> Did the trick.
> Now, does anyone have any suggestions to make the picture a bit 
> 'crisper'? The picture looks great, though ever so subtly out of focus. 
> I wouldn't even notice if I didn't compare it side-by-side with my 
> PVR-350.....

Consider trying one of the Noscale mode lines described here: 

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