[mythtv-users] Re: Can a master backend have no inputs?

Chris Birkinshaw chris at postbox.org.uk
Sat Jun 4 17:24:54 UTC 2005

>  I'm in the same situation. I have my server in the closet that
> provides services to my network (DHCP, DNS, MySQL, etc.) but it has no
> capture cards. Nor can I put any in. This machine is also a low power
> system. Saves me $$ in electricity. Since this machine is on all the
> time I too would like to have it wake up other slave backends when
> there is work to do. I have a development server that I only turn on
> when I am writing code that I can put capture cards in. I also have my
> front end downstairs.
> I'm still building my system, but this would be the ideal setup for
> me. When I do get enough stuff to try and get it up and running i'll
> report my findings.
> --Nate

Did anyone manage to get this to work? I have just built a low power 
router to save electricity costs and want it to run mysql and 
mythbackend with no cards, waking up the big power hungry computer with 
the RAID and DVB cards when necessary.

Is this possible yet?


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