[mythtv-users] MythWeb Disc Usage calculation

Mathew Mrosko mythtv at matmrosko.com
Sat Jun 4 17:00:45 UTC 2005

Hi everybody!  My mythweb "recorded_programs.php" page does not show any disc 
usage on the bottom... all I get is "334 programs, using B (273 hrs 41 mins) 
out of B."  I thought maybe it was a CVS issue, and never saw any posts, and 
also, waited a few days, got new CVS built, and all the new plugins, but this 
still remains the same... this leads me to believe that something's wrong 
with my configuration... Is there anything in the DB used for this 
calculation?  Do I need to change permissions somewhere?


mythtv [at] matmrosko [dot] com

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