[mythtv-users] lirc and lola

Calvin Leung cleung at sonic.net
Sat Jun 4 07:58:01 UTC 2005

Cool! It works after I create the config from irrecord.  One interesting
thing is that when irrecord ask for holding an arbitrary button.  It
doesn't work for the first button which I pick but it work for the next
arbitrary button.  I am now have a working remote.  Mythtv rocks. so as
the helpful community.

Ramon Redondo wrote:

>I'm using Lola with LIRC and have been for some time.  I am using the
>ATI_USB driver.
>Try using irrecord to record your remote buttons.  The remote itself
>is programmable with different ID codes, so the config provided in the
>RPM may not have had the config that matched the remote ID.
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