[mythtv-users] problems with 6/1 CVS, can't FFWD/RWD, long time accessing tuner, some segfaulting

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 07:23:03 UTC 2005

> Further poking has yielded more problems with the 6/1. The ffwd rewind
> is really seriously totally completely borked... as in it sends me
> back several seconds from where I started ffwd/rwd every time I press
> play. It's totally useless. 

I'm not sure if this is the same thing, it might be a totally
different issue, but I seem to be getting similar problems with
0.18.1. I'm using a Twinhan DVB card, running on FC3. If I pause live
TV, then fast forward (using the right arrow key to go in steps of 5
seconds), the live tv time updates as expected (ie, 5 seconds advanced
until about 3 seconds behind). But the actual playback restarts from
the start of the ringbuffer. I can then watch the rest of the program,
but the display always shows "0:03 behind", so I can't fast forward!

I hope that makes sense - it's quite confusing to watch, let alone explain!


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