[mythtv-users] RE: OpenGLVideoSync: Bad Context for Vsync

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 03:55:58 UTC 2005

I'm not running the new 0.18.1 RPMs, but I'm running
my hacked up MythTV 0.18.1, which contains the
additions to allow OpenGL VSync to work as a run-time
option (I haven't tested the RPMs).  I can indeed
verify that the idea is sound and does work.  (Really,
all I did was add in a checkbox to mythfrontend to act
as a flag for whether or not to add OpenGL to the list
of timing methods checked for.  Previously, it was
just based on an #ifdef.)

This is what I see in my mythfrontend log:
2005-06-03 19:20:18.041 Using protocol version 15
2005-06-03 19:20:20.438 Opening audio device
2005-06-03 19:20:20.438 Opening OSS audio device
2005-06-03 19:20:20.479 Using XV port 177
2005-06-03 19:20:20.898 Realtime priority would
require SUID as root.
2005-06-03 19:20:20.919 Changing from None to
2005-06-03 19:20:21.058 Video timing method: SGI

I just looked at the MythTV source code that is
bundled in with the RPM, and it is possible that the
VERBOSE macro is being called, which would show some
extra logging information.

I'm attaching my .nvidia-settings-rc file, which I use
 with the OpenGL VSync (I'm running the 7174 driver). 
I hope that this helps, but if not, I'm afraid that I
can't really offer any more suggestions, since the
functionality was already in MythTV, nothing was
really added.

-- Joe

--- Alex Brekken <brekkal at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just loaded 18.1 from ATRPM's (was previously on
> .18) and I'm
> getting the EXACT same thing.  I loaded to 18.1 for
> the sole purpose
> of being able to use OpenGL video sync, since it's
> now a runtime
> option.  I wish I had a solution, but I least wanted
> to let you know
> that you're not the only one seeing this.
> It looks like it tries to use OpenGL first, then
> RTC, then finally
> falls back to USleep.  The thing is, I've got the
> OpenGL "Sync to
> VBlank" option selected in nvidia-settings, so I'm
> not sure what else
> I need to do to get OpenGL to work...?
> I'm using the 7174 nvidia driver, and have Myth
> installed on FC3 per
> Jarod's guide.  Anyone have any ideas??
> >Hey All:
> >
> >Any idea what this means?
> >
> >OpenGLVideoSync: Bad Context for Vsync
> >
> >That's the error right before it defaults back to
> RTC timing. I'd
> >like to run OpenGL.
> >
> >The line right before says "GLX_SGI_video_sync" and
> a bunch of other
> >extensions.
> >
> >JF
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