[mythtv-users] Aus XMLTV grabber

Joshua King jkingkard-hotmail at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jun 3 23:56:35 UTC 2005

Hi Phill,

On point 2) I have hacked the tuhs script to do what you want (I wanted to
be able to go back to the other grabber if the tuhs one broke).

The altered version is attached (tv_grab_au_tuhs).

The config file you use for my altered version is as follows:

channels = (('<tuhs channel id>', '<myth xmltv id>'), ...

That is

channels = (('ABC2', 'abc2.abc.gov.au'), and so on.

Note that because my patch is a simple hack the guide data will use the Myth
XMLTV id as the channel name, but this shouldn't matter if you already have
the channel names set in the MythTV setup program.

As for the patch, I'm using Will's --force-explicit-timezone option instead
of the patch (I'm running 0.17), and it's working fine here, so give that a
go first. You'll have to force mythfilldatabase to pass that flag -- you can
either use the mythfilldatabase --graboptions parameter to pass it, or you
can use a little script. I've attached the script I use as tv_grab_au.

Joshua King

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