[mythtv-users] Confused about lirc_i2c

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 22:28:50 UTC 2005

On 6/3/05, Mercury Morris <mercury.morris at gmail.com> wrote:
> Where does the lirc_i2c module come from?
> On an up-to-date Fedora Core 3 system, I cannot find anything
> named lirc_i2c.  The system has MythTV installed from CVS
> and IVTV installed from source (ivtv-0.2.0-rc3j).
> In the IVTV documentation for Lirc support, the Installation steps
> indicate that there should be several binaries installed, one of
> which is called lirc_i2c.  So this is what confuses me... where is
> the lirc_i2c module?  It looks like is is not included as part of the
> Fedora Core 3 distribution.  How could this be?  Maybe I made
> some mistake along the way that removed lirc_i2c.
> If you are among those who build-from-source, can you help clear up
> my confusion?

The lirc_i2c module is found in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/ when
built and installed from source on my FC2 Mythbox. When installed from
RPM or other package, it should be part of the LIRC release. When
compiling from source, choose the Hauppauge TV Card option when
configuring and it should be created for you.

Perhaps you either uninstalled the LIRC package, or haven't had it
installed at all. Checking my FC3 boot DVD, LIRC does not appear to be
part of the installation, so it needs to be installed separately. If
you choose to keep your system updated using atrpms.net, it is very
easy to get LIRC up and running in conjunction with Jarod Wilson's
very useful Myth installation guide.


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