[mythtv-users] Good system design documentation?

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 21:39:09 UTC 2005


I really like documents and howtos at this site.

You will get answers to most of your questions and lot more information !



On 6/3/05, Steve Tate <srt at cs.unt.edu> wrote:
> Is there a document available that goes through the various components
> of a mythtv system and talks about various system design tradeoffs?
> I've been frustrated looking at the official documentation, which is
> in FAQ format, and seems to assume people understand the basic mythtv
> architecture going in.  The docs talk about frontends and backends as
> if everyone naturally knows that they are, but never actually explains
> this.
> What I've gleaned is what defines a frontend is the ability to play
> things and what defines a backend is the ability to record.  But it
> sure would be nice if there were a document the clearly layed out the
> tasks performed by various systems so I can decide how to design my
> system.
> For instance, if I have a EPIA-based box hooked up to the TV with a
> tuner card in it, it can both play and record -- that makes it a
> frontend and a backend, right?  Can it be diskless?  In other words,
> could I have a "tunerless" backend, consisting of my main home network
> server, and a "diskless" frontend/backend at the TV?  I could put the
> PVR-250 in the file server, of course, but does that mean that I'm
> consuming network bandwidth with a video stream just to watch live TV
> (which is why I'd want the tuner in the frontend box in the first
> place)?  And then I'd have problems using the remote control from the
> PVR-250 as well...   I'd really like a RAM-based ringbuffer for live
> TV, so that doesn't hit the network at all, and then the ability to
> stream pre-recorded video from the file server to the frontend.  Is
> that something that can be done?
> Anyway, maybe some of those questions are confused, but it's mainly
> because I have a very poor mental image of the mythtv architecture,
> and can't find any documentation that explains this.  Does anyone know
> of something decent that's out there for me to read?
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