[mythtv-users] 'Vertical bands' with NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440

Ramzy Darwish ramzy.darwish at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 15:48:08 UTC 2005

I have kind of a minor annoyance that I can't seem to figure out. I
believe it is a problem with the NVidia drivers, but I am not sure.

I am using S-Video out from an NVidia GeForce 4 MX 440. It works
alright, but I can't get the picture quality to be as good as the
regular TV (a Sony Wega Trinitron). But the real problem is that there
are these vertical bands across the image.

It's not so bad it REALLY interferes with using the thing, but it is
annoying. The bands are there outside of myth as well.

I am trying to figure out how to describe them, so bear with me.

Across the screen at seemingly random places there are about 4-6 ~3/4in
bands going from top to bottom. They are not really white, but they are
much lighter than the picture below them. There is one right in the
middle of the screen.

I have used nvidia-settings to try to get rid of them, but nothing seems
to affect them.

Does anybody else have this problem?
Any ideas?


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