[mythtv-users] Tweaks to playback HDTV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Jun 3 14:35:56 UTC 2005

Paul Leppert wrote:
> Doug,
> I've read several comments about realtime and selinux.  When I installed
> FC3, I disabled selinux (per Jarod's instructions).  Should that
> matter?  Or is it just a factor of FC3 that prevents me from doing the
> "chmod u+s mythfrontend" solution?

I really don't know; I run Debian (and self-built stock Linus kernels at
that), but reports on the list are that even disabling selinux is not
sufficient to allow SUID root mythfrontend to work its realtime priority

> I'm open to other ideas since one of the issues I have is with
> mythvideo.  The jpg cover art files that are downloaded end up saved as
> "root root" and not "mythtv mythtv".  This only happened after I started
> using sudo 

If you're up for building your own kernel, I'd highly recommend the new
realtime scheduling options in the newest kernels (2.6.12-rc3 and up).
It's currently pretty far from a pushbutton install though, as you'll
also need an updated PAM (all the info is in the links from my original
posting I referenced in my last msg).

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