[mythtv-users] Frontend crashes when starting to watch some recordings

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Fri Jun 3 14:03:23 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

My TV frontend has started to crash recently.  It happens when I start to 
watch some recordings (say about 1 out of every 3).  If I restart the 
frontend and try again, it will work.  Once I had to restart twice. 

Also, when I start some recordings on my desktop frontend (a beefier machine), 
it will play a split second of audio, pause for around two seconds, then play 
normally.  I think this is related.

 Since the TV frontend has no keyboard or mouse, the power button tip here: 
http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/tips.php is the only thing that makes this problem 
slight annoyance instead of a WAF killer.

My setup:

Backend: 3 Freestyle's, 800 MHz Duron, 256MB RAM. 40 GB  ext2 / drive, 160MB 
jfs /mnt/store/ drive.
TV Frontend: MX440 vga out to Scan converter, 733MHz P3, 256 MB RAM, root 
mounted NFS from backend.
Desktop Frontend: Athlon XP 2000+, 256MB RAM, 40 GB drive, Nvidia TNT2.

All systems are running Debian Sarge.

I have made four major changes to my entire setup recently, so I imagine that 
one of them is the culprit.
(1) Updated to 0.18 (not 0.18.1 yet)
(2) Upgraded TV frontend hardware from Celeron 433/TNT2
(3) Added 160MB JFS video storage drive to backend
(4) Changed backend motherboard from a VIA chipset to a Sis chipset board.  
This fixed any problems I had with recording 2 programs at once.

Any ideas?


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