[mythtv-users] Audio loss during playback with "Encrypted VOB file!"

Max Barry mythtv at maxbarry.com
Fri Jun 3 00:38:10 UTC 2005

Twice in the past month, I've been watching a recorded TV show when it
has suddenly lost audio. I dug up the .nuv file and played it with
mplayer, and it had audio all the way through. However, at the exact
point at which MythTV loses audio, mplayer spits out:

  Encrypted VOB file! Read DOCS/HTML/en/dvd.html

MythTV doesn't produce any special messages when running in verbose
mode. It simply stops writing audio to the sound card at that point.

I tried skipping past the problem, saving a position, and restarting
playback, but no good: MythTV won't play any audio from that point in
the file onward.

The two shows to experience this problem were different, but from the
same channel (Channel 10). I capture digital TV in Australia using a DVB
card. With one of the shows, the error is precisely between two

My system specs: MythTV 18.0, mplayer 1.0pre6-3.3.5-20050130,
2.6.10-gentoo-r6 kernel, nvidia 1.0.7174, alsa:spdif output.

Any help appreciated!


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