[mythtv-users] [REQUEST] MythCenter theme update wishlist

kanetse at gmail.com kane.tse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:54:57 UTC 2005

On 6/2/05, Jeroen Brosens <jeroen at fotoniq.nl> wrote:
>  Hi folks,
>  I am planning to do an upgrade on the MythCenter theme
> (http://www.fotoniq.nl/projects/mythtv/) since I receive
> lots of mails with this question and I want some more features in it myself
> too. Please let me know whether you use the theme and if yes, what you would
> like to have as a new feature in it. Some of my own suggestions:
>  - 16:9 aspect ratio
>  - on/off button graphics
>  - more custom images and gui elements
>  - a clock! <-- does anybody know how to implement this?
>  Thanks in advance for your input, I will keep you informed on the update.

This is a really great theme and should be included in the default set
of themes that come with MythTV.

I would also love to see a clock in the menus (I thought this was on
the way for the skins included with 0.18, but was disappointed to see
it not there).  Also, If there is a matching OSD theme, I would like
to see a larger clock on that one too.  I currently use
mediacenterOSD, but the OSD I used in 0.16, blueosd (?), has a clock
in very large digits when you hit the info button in the top-right. 
That was a nice feature.

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