[mythtv-users] Tweaks to playback HDTV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Jun 2 11:31:31 UTC 2005

Paul Leppert wrote:
> Here are some HDTV Performance tweaks I posted about a month ago:

Here is a correction and an addition to the realtime priority stuff:

> f) Real time scheduling of playback thread
>        Need to do a couple of things to get this working:
One of the following three is sufficient, in order of decreasing security:
	1. Use kernel 2.6.12-rc3 or later, and set up RLimits to allow
           realtime priority as discussed here:
	2. chmod u+s mythfrontend -- this will not work on Fedora Core 3
           and possibly other distros that use the selinux patches.
	3. Use sudo to run mythfrontend as root:
          i. Need to modify /etc/sudoers to add your mythtv user
                (use ALL option and NOPASSWORD; example in sudoers file)
          ii. Start mythfrontend with sudo: "sudo mythfrontend &"
>        At this point the mythfrontend logs should say something like
> "using realtime priority"
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