[mythtv-users] Re: Bottom 1" flippy in transcoded programs (not nuvexport)

Jelle jelle-mythtv-users at foks.8m.com
Thu Jun 2 05:37:38 UTC 2005

Segflaunt wrote:
> In my programs that are transcoded, I have been seeing a strange out
> of synch sort of flippyness in the bottom 1". Previous to transcoding,
> they do not have this.
> I am running CVS as of a couple hours ago (0.18.20050523-1) on a
> gentoo box. I can make available an MPEG4 .nuv for anyone who'd like
> to actually see what I'm talking about.
> I don't have $$ for a TB of additional disk, so for right now, I would
> like to continue transcoding. It's a very nice feature.

It's a bug that I and other have also seen.

It went away for me (for new recordings) when I switched off using 
libmpeg2 for decoding (somewhere in the setup screens), I guess that 
switches it off for transcoding too.


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