[mythtv-users] video as timebase question

John Freer john_freer at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 03:57:20 UTC 2005

Hi all:

When watching HDTV (720p or 1080i), if I use the "use video as
timebase" selection, I get no audio. Audio is fine with PVR250 or
BTTV cards in same system.  Just missing audio on my HD2K / DVB
driver card.

Any idea why this might be?

Also --> as a data point:

XP2600 / NVIDIA MX440 / AGP8X, both 1080i and 720p playback with no
problem, either with XvMC (51% idle) or without (15% idle).

Still getting some horizontal line artifacts in my PBS hdtv streams
(1080i), though.  I get weird horizontal lines on things in the scene
that are moving.  They go away when the picture isn't moving /
panning anymore.  Suggestions welcome...


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