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Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
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I am Australian but I now spend most of my time in New York, no I don't
work for Telstra I work for myself (adhoc consulting, strategic
marketing direction and capital raising).


No I've never worked for a broadcaster my last two real jobs were in
1999 as Strategic Directions of a publicly list ISP aggregator (ASX:ISP)
and in 2001 as director of a 3 country data centre rollout based in
Kuala Lumpur, though at one stage in 1997 I did open the Australian
office for Singtel's international data sales.


My reasoning for being pissed at cablelabs was I was intending to build
a super dvr that sat behind the cable networks platform delivering value
add smart content, but they are a closed shop with their head in the


My intention now is to make suggestions to the MythTV project on value
add ideas to enhance the current offering.









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you must be in Australia. Do you work for Telstra or other
broadcast(ish) company?

Dean Collins wrote: 


I was going to scan a few of these presentations from the paper copy I
received on the day and email them but they just emailed me the link.


I have a number of comments to make but to be honest I'm still forming
my ideas, my initial reaction though is the US cable industry is in for
a real shock. They are acting like Telstra at it's worst, very
monopolistic and unaware of what's coming down the pipeline from the dsl
IP-TV providers.


Any thoughts?









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