[mythtv-users] Re: Getting good audio sync in nuvexport/transcodings w/cutlist?

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Wed Jun 1 20:21:39 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 08:54:00AM +0200, belcampo wrote:
> > One way I could make this work is if I could get mpeg2cut to work on
> One thing that didn't get mpeg2cut to work on my system was that Xvfb didn't 
> work. After deinstalling xorg-xvfb, it worked, with avidemux coming on screen 
> 2 times, not nice, but working for the time being.

Getting closer.   Removing xorg-x11-Xvfb (but not Xvfb) caused the program
to display a GUI this time.   It did some of the same things, but got
a lot further.

a) As before, it would generate output for 1.5gb, then sit and pause for
about 15 minutes in a wait state, redrawing the window every few minutes
but otherwise hung.   Then it did another 500mb of data, and got into
the same state.  (Same as before.)

b) Then, after a while of waiting at 2gb in size, it took off, and started
acting well, it seems.  Streaming out the video at high speed, no pauses,
window rewdrawing as needed.   It got all the way to the end (about 8gb
of video I am guessing.)   And then...

d) Death:

    Remultiplexing video
    GOP timestamps will be rebuild   
    ERROR: opening A/V streams (0/1)
    Cleaning up
    rm: cannot remove `2002_20050522190100_20050522220000.mp2': No such file or directory

    Encode finished:  Wed Jun  1 13:17:50 2005
    Encode lasted: 49m 4s

And it had deleted the file it had generated, which actually may well have
been a valid file.  I will have to link to it or something to see if I
can save it from deletion.

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