[mythtv-users] 16x9 Programs OSD messed up?

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 19:42:49 UTC 2005

When watching a program either live or recorded that is broadcast in
16x9, it seems that the OSD doesn't display right on my 4x3 monitor.

For example, i took a picture of law and order.


The OSD overlays here.  This occurs for me with XvMC (when working) or Xv.
My LCD's native res is 1280x1024, so I run at that, and then this
showing was 1080i, so it just downscales.  Myth sets the aspect ratio to
16x9 and adds the black bars for me.

Is there a reason for this "squished" OSD?  Also, is there some sort of
way to just have the OSD show up where the black bars are instead since
they have to be there anyway?

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