[mythtv-users] Fanless HDTV backend on EPIA SP 8000E Vs. EPIA PD6000E

Eric Gilbert eric.gilbert at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 19:40:49 UTC 2005

On 6/1/05, Dean Collins <Dean at collins.net.pr> wrote:
> I know it's not applicable for lounge room based machines but I cant
> help but comment here how blown away I've been with the Zalman Reserator
> water cooling system I installed.
> I have a large server rack in my office and have now installed 2 of them
> to totally water cooled (except the power supplies and commercial
> versions of them are now available as well) 2 of my pc servers and cant
> believe how different the sound is (including double hard drive
> coolers).
> At the moment I'm designing a wall of water that will feed 4 separate
> pumps and cover 1 entire side of my rack.
> www.collins.net.pr/watercooling
> There are a number of people on the watercooling list that are pumping
> from a central location to multiple machines in separate rooms (1 is
> even running a intercooler solution through his basement into a well :)
> Just a suggestion.
> Cheers,
> Dean

Ohhh .... Shinny!   

I wouldn't mind the "Reserator" in the living room ... but the WAF
might be a bit of a challenge for me :)

I'll report back if I get any hits from the pchdtv forum on heat
output by the pcHDTV

Thanks for the input,

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