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Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Wed Jun 1 18:34:44 UTC 2005

There are a lot of things coming down the pipeline - 2Wire are trialing
some very interesting apps for sbc for uploading content to your box and
then making this available to other users (and over the web) and you
should read my post last week about Rogers in Canada and their
intentions for remote access and implementation into mobile storage

I need to think of a way to post these suggestions to the list properly
but in the interim check out http://www.cognation.net/cablecard     

Putting to one side all of the hardware suggestions in the document
think about real time video context sensitive chat based forums,
polling, static voting, messaging (either IM or email), geographical
information delivery, database interrogation.

Think of Myth as a basic gateway or dumb terminal and then reposition
what you expect it to be doing in a year from now.


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> > After viewing some of the advanced concepts that some of the new pvr
> > software is delivering we need something that will set MythTV out in
> > front of the pack that is just not available anywhere else.
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> > Hopefully someone will find it of interest.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Dean
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> FWIW, I'd be very interested, if I understand your post correctly, to
> read about what's new in the pvr software world.  It's hard for me to
> imagine what more could come of a pvr software suite... but then, I'm
> not too imaginative ;-)
> gs
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