[mythtv-users] Not downloading movie posters

Mark Read b1rdy at msn.com
Wed Jun 1 14:24:22 UTC 2005

I'm currently running version 0.18.1 of MythTV and am unable to download 
movie posters for MythVideo.  When using the Search IMDB option within Video 
Manager it successfully identifies the correct entry and downloads the 
metadata.  Am I correct in assuming that it should also at this point 
download the cover art as well?
If I run imdb.pl -P manually from the shell giving the IMDB id as a 
parameter it successfully returns the url of the image at ipmawards, and 
when browsed to manually that image does exist.
The directory specified within Videos/General settings does exist and the 
user MythTV is run as does have write access.
The command specified to search for movie posters remains unchanged from the 
default and appears correct.
Any ideas?  Am I missing something blatantly obvious?


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