[mythtv-users] UK EPG????

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 13:48:25 UTC 2005

On 5/31/05, Martin <mmacleod at london.edu> wrote:
> Hi Everyone, 
>                 I have been reading this forum and found out about the Radio
> Times EPG for the UK, but I have a telewest cable subscription, does anyone
> know of an EPG that can be used for UK cable channels? Is there one, or does
> this mean I am stuck with only terrestrial channel listings. 
> My cable comes in through a Pace set top box, do I need 2 boxes to be able
> to use the dual tuner capability of the PVR500, I read that it had an
> internal splitter - does this apply to cable TV as well? How are other users
> watching and recording cable TV, or is it a case of watch or record. Has
> anyone managed to get rid of their set top box and feed directly into their
> TV card? 

Have you tried running mythfilldatabase in configure mode? All of the
channels available with the Radio Times grabber are there to add to
you channel lineup. I think the only worthy point to note is the
absence of radio channels.

The PVR500 has an internal coax splitter (which is fine for the 5
analogue channels). However, if you are outputting from the cable box
via composite or S-Video, then 2 boxes would be required to get 'full
featured' dual recording. I was advised the other day that some cable
channels may be able to be picked up 'in the clear' if you split the
cable feed before it hits the cable box and plug directly into the
tuner input. I haven't tried this, but it may make more channels
available on the tuner as a result.

I am running a backend with a PVR-350 connected to my NTL Pace box -
the only problem I find is that as the cable box only has a single
tuner, if you forget you are recording and change channel, the
recording is ruined. I may therefore end up setting up a slave backend
on the other cable box elsewhere to try to get round this problem. The
one useful cable feature is that so much is repeated during the night
that you can safely record stuff then without the risk of the channels
being flipped over.


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