[mythtv-users] Invisible Myth Box

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Sun Jul 31 23:30:07 EDT 2005

I thought that this could be an issue as well so I've attached a length of
air-conditioning duct to the side of the cabinet and will have a fan keeping
the air moving through the thing. Also needs this for heat I think.


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Marty Ravell wrote:

> This might be slightly OT but I was wondering if anyone could direct 
> me to a utility to monitor the temp of my CPU?
> In an effort to obtain high WAF I have relocated my amps, the cable 
> box and a new (almost installed) MythTV box to a purpose built plywood 
> cabinet that now lives in the crawl space under my house. It is maybe 
> a little less convenient in some ways but I figure once the Myth box 
> is completely setup there isn't much need to get at the thing 
> physically. To get the IR to work (cable box as well as PVR-350) I 
> built an Infra-red Extender kit (Jaycar KC-5209) and put the receiver 
> in a standard wall plate on the skirting board.
> Kinda cool really (if I do say so myself), the idea is that the only 
> things you see in the living room are the TV and the speakers.
> I've vented the box and am about to install some fans but would like 
> to get an idea of how hot the Myth box is running. I can VNC in to run 
> this tool of course. No need to have something pretty integrated into 
> the UI.
> Any ideas?
Be very careful in that environment with humidity changes. You're likely 
to start having wierd electrical problems in a non-conditioned space 
unless you live in a very dry climate. Everything electrical I ever kept 
in my folks dirt-floor basement ended up corroded.

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