[mythtv-users] Invisible Myth Box

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Sun Jul 31 18:20:00 EDT 2005

This might be slightly OT but I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a
utility to monitor the temp of my CPU?


In an effort to obtain high WAF I have relocated my amps, the cable box and
a new (almost installed) MythTV box to a purpose built plywood cabinet that
now lives in the crawl space under my house. It is maybe a little less
convenient in some ways but I figure once the Myth box is completely setup
there isn't much need to get at the thing physically. To get the IR to work
(cable box as well as PVR-350) I built an Infra-red Extender kit (Jaycar
KC-5209) and put the receiver in a standard wall plate on the skirting


Kinda cool really (if I do say so myself), the idea is that the only things
you see in the living room are the TV and the speakers.


I've vented the box and am about to install some fans but would like to get
an idea of how hot the Myth box is running. I can VNC in to run this tool of
course. No need to have something pretty integrated into the UI.


Any ideas?









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