[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000: Questions from a MythTV newbie

David ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Sat Jul 30 23:56:30 EDT 2005

I also concur - the card is great.

I've got two of them on a backend here and after several weeks of  
driver changes, antenna movement, etc. I got them working nicely with  
10 channels beamed from 40K away (buffalo to Toronto).

Some general notes:
- the card seems to work best with a audio sampling of 32000 (this is  
the default for myth), if you change this you'll get skittering audio.
- Your in for a world of pain if you try and combine them with ivtv  
based tuners (like the 250 and 350), I eventually just moved them off  
to a dedicated backend to avoid the driver conflicts.
- If you get jumpy video or audio you may need to play with XVMC or  
real time threads to smooth out the playback.
- Tuning channels can result in "Green Blocks", I used the advanced  
option on the card definition screen to use "Open on Demand". If you  
tune a channel and get green blocks - simply exit live tv and reopen  
- the blocks will be gone.


On 30-Jul-05, at 11:17 PM, Chad wrote:

> On 7/29/05, Brandon Rogers <blrogers at ieee.org> wrote:
>> Thanks, David for you comments.  I found out that I had a bad  
>> firmware file.
>> I replaced it and the scan started working as it should.  I do  
>> have another
>> question, though...  Do the DVB drivers need a stronger signal  
>> than the v4l
>> drivers?  I've noticed that when I use the v4l drivers with xine,  
>> I get
>> several (about 10) HD channels) in the area.  My HDTV also  
>> receives about
>> that many.  However, when I do a scan with the DVB drivers, I only  
>> get one
>> channel locked and tuned.  Does that sound strange?  Also, I do  
>> have a
>> pretty cheesy antenna, but it seems to work well enough for me  
>> right now.
>> What kind of antenna setups (rotating attic setups, outdoor  
>> stationary
>> mounts, etc) does everyone have?
>> Thanks,
>> Brandon
> I struggled quite a bit at first getting my card setup, but it's
> really solid once you are done.  Most of the info I used is on this
> list, but some of it is on the pchdtv.com forums.  The channel bit I
> ran into to, it seemed that whatever channel I tuned to using
> dtvsignal (I think, it's been a bit since I actually used anything but
> myth to tune a channel) would be the channel it was stuck on when
> scanning.  Use Scan for channels using existing transport, it seemed
> to be the option that finally worked for me.
> Good Luck!
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