[mythtv-users] LiveTV bails out after two seconds [solved]

Leif B. Kristensen leif at solumslekt.org
Sat Jul 30 22:05:17 EDT 2005

On Sunday 31 July 2005 02:45, Leif B. Kristensen wrote:
> Now, mythbackend doesn't report any failures at all. But it still
> won't show anything but a blank screen, while the CPU goes full
> throttle. As a collateral damage, it now also borks the access to the
> video card so I can't watch TV with Mplayer without rebooting.

I've finally solved it. The last step was simple; I had misconfigured 
the card's default input, which should be set to "Tuner 0" instead of 
"Composite 0". A google search on "mythsetup capture card pvr-350" gave 
me excellent advice from this page:


Now, I only have to get the zapper working :)
Leif Biberg Kristensen

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