[mythtv-users] PVR-500 driving me nuts

David Bennett davidbennett1979 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 21:48:01 EDT 2005

Interesting aside:

 I too had both problems with my 500 and fc4.

For the ivtv, I just added a small script to my /etc/rc.local. I am
probably not the person to ask, but it fixed the problem for me.

The static was also an interesting problem. The first 12 times I
defined my inputs (option 3 or 4 on mythtv-setup) it didn't work. Then
it did. Tried to change it again. Stopped working. 10 times later,
started working.

I didn't change anything, it just worked sometimes and when it does, I
suggest you leave it at that. I havent confirmed it, (too afraid to
try again) but I have a feeling it started working after i defined
Tuner 0, Tuner 1, Composite 0 for each card (on each 150). After it
stops working you can remove the composite.

Sorry, its really late at night, and I am sure this isn't makng much sense...

point is, nothing to do with the drivers. It just didn't work, plain and simple.


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