[mythtv-users] LIRC problem in Mythdvd/Mythvideo (lircd sends twice)

Mark Schuren mark at ultra.de
Sat Jul 30 19:45:38 EDT 2005

hi list,

i have a problem with myth0.18.1 + lirc + xine:

i play a video/dvd through mythvideo/mythdvd using "xine -H -I -g --no-splash -s
DVD dvd://" .

xine works great when started stand-alone, but when run through myth and i quit
the player, all buttons from my lirc remote which i pressed during play are
sent to mythfrontend as well as soon as the player exits :-(

as least it looks like, mythfrontend is jumping through the menus, or restarting
xine immediately... i use a dxr3 card for tv output but i think this is not
related, problem also happens when using xv.

my ~/.lircrc contains e.g. things like:

    prog = mythtv
    button = OFF
    config = Esc

    prog = xine
    button = OFF
    config = Quit

is it a bad idea to use the same lirc key for two programs in general?? i hope

i use mandrake 10.2 with original lirc rpms (0.6.6) and my remote works
perfectly with myth / mplayer / xine and others when run stand-alone. no
irxevent is running, all apps have native lirc support.

why does lirc cue-up all button-presses for mythfrontend while xine is actually
in focus (and also accepting these key-presses from my remote correctly)?? first
i thought this might be irxevent. related problem. but although i have keys
defined for irxevent in the same .lircrc i have no irxevent running.

whenever xine exits, mythfrontend processes all lirc events which occured during
xine playback. is that a xine issue or a problem with lirc or myth?

did anyone have the same probs?

i'm unsure if i should uninstall the mandrake lirc 0.6.6 packages and build my
own lirc-0.7.x ? and if, would i need to afterwards recompile myth/xine for the
new lirc version??

thanx for any hints!

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