[mythtv-users] remote wonder 2 II

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jul 30 11:33:18 EDT 2005

Erik Dykema wrote:

>     After my smooth experience with the remote wonder 1, I bought a
>rw2 over e-bay.  I am unable to get the ati_remote kernel module to
>work with it.  I have seen the pages about making it work through LIRC
>, but that seems a lot more complicated than the regular kernel module.
>     Has anyone gotten the ati_remote kernel module to work with the
>rw2 ?  Or is this a lost cause?
I have the RW, not the RW2, but I can say that LIRC is not complicated 
with the RW.  LIRC was a royal pain with my serial infrared stuff 
(transmitter and receiver), but was simple to set up for the USB RW.  
And, since LIRC was designed for use with remotes, I get a lot of 
features that don't exist with the kernel keyboard drivers--control over 
repeats, LIRC toggle capability, ability to map any key to any action 
(as opposed to remapping all the keyboard shortcuts in all my apps to 
work with what the keyboard driver outputs)--including executing an 
application (with irexec) or sending a keystroke to a non-LIRC-aware app 
(using irevent).

RW2 should be fully supported in LIRC 0.7.1+, so you shouldn't even need 
CVS (as of now, there haven't been any changes to the lirc_atiusb module 
since 0.7.1).

IMHO, lack of support for the RW2 in the kernel driver may be forcing a 
very worthwhile upgrade on you.  :)


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