[mythtv-users] Re: Kernel src, ati_remote, 2.6.12 kernel

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jul 30 11:18:30 EDT 2005

Jochen Kühner wrote:

> no, idont think of ati remot, i thougt when you use ati_remote you 
> also use a ati video card.
> and the official ati driver didn't work with 2.6.12

The ATI Remote Wonder is just an X10 USB remote (NVIDIA also has a 
flavor of the same remote hardware).  You can buy the remote without an 
ATI video card, but it comes as part of the package for the ATI 
"All-in-Wonder" series of multimedia video cards (whose drivers do not 
support V4L, and are unusable as capture devices in Myth).

So, you can use an ATI Remote Wonder regardless of your video card 
selection.  I'm using the Remote Wonder on my Myth box with a Chaintech 
GF4 MX440 (NVIDIA) graphics card and SiS chipset and AMD 
processor--nothing ATI in the system at all.  But, since I had the 
remote and since it's radio frequency (= works through walls, so I can 
use it from any room in the house--i.e. for "non-video" stuff like 
music), I thought it would be perfect for my Myth box.

With the ATI Remote Wonder, you have to choose between the kernel driver 
(which makes the remote look like a normal keyboard/mouse) and remap all 
your applications key settings to match the keys sent by the remote (and 
figure ways to deal with repeats, etc.) or LIRC (which allows you to 
decide how to use the remote--i.e. my "mouse cursor pad" is just a set 
of navigation buttons since Myth doesn't use the mouse) and create a 
LIRC config that's appropriate for all your applications (including 
handling of repeats, etc.).  (You may have noticed my bias toward using 

You can also use ATI video cards for output on a Myth system, but they 
cannot be used as capture cards (even if they have the 
tuner/S-Video/Composite inputs).


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