[mythtv-users] Xbox DVD remote hack. Possible?

Will Ross pentiumone133 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 20:36:43 EDT 2005

I have several Xbox DVD remote kits.  I know that it is possible to
easily hack an xbox controller into usb, so I figure it would be
equally easy to hack the remote coltrol's IR dongle to usb so I may
plug it into my computer.  I am not extremly linux smart, so I wouldnt
be able to write my own drivers or anything of the like to get it to
work.  I am asking if anyone has heard of anyone else doing this, and
how it turned out.  Also, any details about the innards of the xbox
dvd remote kits would be helpful for me to possibly locate drivers or
see if the components are supported in LIRC project or equivelant. 
Thanks for the help.


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