[mythtv-users] nuvexport

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Jul 29 16:21:39 EDT 2005

> I wasn't aware that nuvexport used mythtranscode. In this case will the
> MTD take some of the load? This would also work quite well. Is it possible
> to just get MTD built on my other server without installing a large
> package?

Uses mythtranscode for ffmpeg (for denoise and other filters that ffmpeg 
can't do inline), as well as for nupplevideo files, since ffmpeg and 
transcode can't understand them.

But mythtranscode doesn't require the "recording backend"..  I run it 
all the time on my workstation.  Just needs to be on a box configured as 
a frontend (so mythtranscode knows how to talk to the master backend). 
Maybe it helps that my recording directory is the same path on each box.

All in all, nuvexport runs fine this way, though I've noticed some weird 
jumpy bits in exported files when encoded on a remote box (mostly with 
--transcode, which I think has a better xvid exporter), despite 
transcode interacting directly with mpeg2 recordings mounted via nfs, 
and have decided that it's just best to encode only on my master backend.


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