[mythtv-users] How much horsepower for dedicated back end with 2 x DVB-T cards?

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Fri Jul 29 11:34:44 EDT 2005

Dear all,

I've got a back-end setup using a DVB-T card in my existing server (1
GHz Nehemiah).  It seems to be able to handle recording and serving
front ends at the same time without breaking sweat (< 10% CPU usage).
The only problem I have is there are now domestic conflicts over having
just 1 input card.

I'm contemplating setting up a second box just to hold two DVB-T cards
and function as a dedicated back end.  Disk-less and probably in the
attic (near to my aerial amplifier, which has spare outlets).  Now if a
1 GHz Nehemiah can handle recording from one DVB-T card with hardly any
load, how low power a unit can I get away with to handle two?  Anyone
any experience of this?  I'm thinking of perhaps a 600 MHz Mini-ITX

Note that the existing server and the proposed new box are for use
solely as back-ends.


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