[mythtv-users] Manual everyday schedule failing to record on weekends

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 11:05:42 EDT 2005

I'm wondering if other users have seen this behaviour (running 0.18.1)
when scheduling a recording manually and having it record at the same
time everyday (7 days a week).

I'm wanting to record a double bill of a show at the same time
everyday including weekends, but when I set the schedule up (last
Friday), recordings are only scheduled Mon-Fri. Weekends are not
included which is a trifle annoying as the shows are broadcast 7 days
a week. I want to record manually as there is no guarantee the show
will either end or start on the half hour mark, so I'm recording for
64 minutes to get a single recording containing both shows without
needing to do any extra cutting when transcoding.

I've searched Gossamer briefly and not turned anything up, so I'm
wondering whether other users have the same problems (or could verify
their installations do not give this issue).



I just had a hunch and tried out a couple of tests:

i) if the manual recording is set to start on a weekday (MOn-Fri) then
weekends seems to be omitted, even if every day recording is chosen.

ii) if the recording is set to start on the weekend, recordings for
all 7 days are scheduled.

Seems to be a bug to me.

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