[mythtv-users] IR Remote - Power ON system???

Petersen Curt petersen.curt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 10:09:26 EDT 2005

Hi all.

I'm building a second frontend for my living room.  So far I've kept
the price down to $130 by using a lot of extra hardware I have lieing
around my place from old builds.  So I want to spend some money on a
good universal remote to control the box.

I've been searching for one that can not only power off the system,
but also power it on.  Anyone have that working with a particular
remote?  Maybe there's a USB model out there that can wake up the
system?  Or a PS/2 interface to generate a keystroke?  I know a lot of
BIOS support that feature.  If necessary, I wouldn't mind playing
around with nvram-wakeup so the frontend sleeps instead of powering
off completely.


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