[mythtv-users] Change 'autoexpire' status of existing recordings from mythweb?

Leander Hanwald shockflash at web.de
Fri Jul 29 06:45:55 EDT 2005


I don't know if this is really the same thing that I mean, but I had a
problem that sounds like you descripted it.

My HDD was mainly full, but mythtv hadn't deleted old shows, even when I
said "keed only 5". He simply stop recording, or ignored it :)
I don't see a way in mythweb to configure any more.

But in mythfrontend, you can set somethink like "Delete old shows", that
helps me a lot :) I don't know why mythweb doesn't have this option, or
if I'm to blind to find it ;)

Andrew Wilson wrote:

>My disk is permanently nearly full, and I want to be able to change
>the autoexpire setting of a recorded program, so the ones I really do
>want to see don't get over-written.
>I can do this before the program gets recorded, but I can't see how to
>do this with programs that are already recorded. Is this doable in
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