[mythtv-users] Video Pixelation

Jason Lee mailinglists at theleehouse.net
Thu Jul 28 23:38:50 EDT 2005

I have an odd problem when watching recorded shows.  For lack of a 
better word (I'm far from a video expert), when I skip forward, the 
video becomes pixelated (large, oddly colored and patterned blocks all 
over the screen) before finally clearing up after a second or two.  It 
only affects skipping forward;  skipping backwards works just fine.  
Watching the videos on another box with xine works just fine (I don't 
have a KB hooked up on the myth box, so I can't test it there).  Any 
ideas what might be happening?  The box is on FC2 and has a PVR-250.  It 
is up-to-date with the stable atrpms repo.  Thanks for your help!


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